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WhatsApp is rolling out a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to
What’s new in this update? WhatsApp is working on limiting polls to only one choice, for a future update of the app!


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Name of the feature? Limit poll to only one choice
Status? Under development
Availability? WhatsApp is working on bringing the ability to limit polls to one choice to a future update.
I’ve installed this update but I don’t have this feature. Why? This feature is under development so it is not ready to be released to beta testers, but you can discover a preview in this article.
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In November 2022, we announced that WhatsApp was releasing the ability to create polls to everyone. Thanks to this feature, anyone in a conversation can ask something by sending a question and some answers. In these months, a lot of users have requested the ability to limit polls to a single response because allowing other people to select more than one option can lead to some confusion. Finally, WhatsApp is working on an improved version of polls that lets the poll creator limit it to only one choice, for a future update of the app:

As you can see in this screenshot, WhatsApp plans to introduce a new toggle within the poll composer which lets the sender limit the poll to only one choice, for a future update. This feature is very important as it can help everyone in the conversation avoid confusion: as we said above, allowing users to select multiple options in a poll may lead to some ambiguity, and it can be difficult to determine which option is the most popular or the final result. By limiting users to a single choice when replying to a poll, the poll results will surely become clear and more accurate, and it definitely makes it easier for everyone to interpret them by avoiding contradictory choices.

The ability to limit polls to only one choice is under development and it will be released in a future update of the app. As we always do, we will post another article in the future when we have further details about the feature to share with you.

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