News about Terms of Service: they will be optional!

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WhatsApp has rolled out new Terms of Service 3 months ago and a lot of people complained because WhatsApp would have limited user accounts. Today there is news!


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Topic about? Terms of Service
Optional? Aren’t they already optional? WhatsApp will officially announce that the updated Terms of Service will be optional in the future and how they are applied, but read the article to learn more.
Where to find more details about the Terms of Service? This page is what you’re looking for.
Previous news?

What was the previous news about Terms of Service? WhatsApp claimed that they don’t delete user accounts if people didn’t accept the Terms of Service, but WhatsApp would have limited those accounts after some time. After some weeks, WhatsApp declared that they decided to not limit user accounts anymore.
Today there are new details: WhatsApp will officially announce that you can still use WhatsApp to chat with your friends and family without accepting the updated Terms of Service.
So… what’s different? We can finally announce that they will be optional with a future update but, if you want to send a message to business accounts that use cloud providers, you won’t be able to message them if you don’t accept the terms:

So this is something users have always wanted and WhatsApp has really listened to your feedback: the Terms of Service should be presented when the user wants to message a “special” business account. If you want to chat with a business account that uses cloud providers, you will have to review and accept the terms, as shown in the screenshot.
WhatsApp is planning to announce this change about the Terms of Service very soon, releasing a new update on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS that supports this change. We can finally consider the matter closed.
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