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WhatsApp has just submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to
What’s new in this update? Discover all details below!


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? New Archive
Status? Rolling out
Availability? WhatsApp beta for Android is marked as compatible, but some users might get the feature on previous updates as well.
I’ve the same version but I don’t see this news, why? The feature has been released for specific beta testers, and the roll out is very slow. If it’s not available for you, please wait for the next updates.
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Today WhatsApp is finally releasing, for specific beta testers, one of the most awaited feature: the new archive!
The first user to receive the feature today was beebom but, when we talk about WhatsApp to roll out features, we know that the procedure is very slow: in this case the next update might speed up the activation for more WhatsApp accounts. Finally the WhatsApp beta for Android update is here now and WhatsApp is expanding their test today to some new users, presenting the new archive!

What is the new archive? The new archive includes a new setting that allows to decide if you want to keep in the archive all chats where there are new incoming messages. When a chat is moved to the new archive, it’s automatically muted and you won’t receive any notification when new messages arrive. To discover if the feature is already available for you, just go to your WhatsApp Settings > Chats. If you see an option called “Keeps chats archived”, you can toggle it to enable it.

When you decide to keep your chats in the archive, the archived chat cell is moved at the top of your chat list, indicating how many chats are in your archive that have new messages in.


Note that you can also find the same option in the archive section, so you can easily reach it there without exploring WhatsApp Settings:

If you don’t need the new archive, just keep that option disabled, so nothing changes for you: any archived chat will be unarchived when new messages arrive as before and the archived chat cell is located at the end of your chat list again.

Note that WhatsApp is going to add more other options for managing your archive in the future, for example they are developing a new feature (it’s not available for the public) that will automatically move to your new archive all inactive chats:

The new archive is available today for specific beta testers. If you didn’t receive the feature, don’t worry: this move is very common when WhatsApp enables features, they prefer to enable them slowly to prevent any possible bug, and it will be available for you in a new update. Is the feature enabled at your side? Let us know on Twitter!


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