WhatsApp beta for Android 2.20.143: what’s new?

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WhatsApp has just submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to 2.20.143.
What’s new in these updates? Discover all details below!


  • The Multi Device feature is not available yet.
  • This feature is currently under development: it means that WhatsApp is working in order to make it bug-free and there isn’t any release date available.
  • If you don’t see the update on the Play Store, please be patient until Google will roll out for you (probably according to WhatsApp preferences).

WhatsApp is working, since the last year, on a new feature that allows to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices at the same time. It means that you won’t be disconnected from your main device when you try to log in from a different phone.
WhatsApp has already added some clues in the app:

This feature will be very important, especially if you have a tablet. In fact, for example, iOS users will be able to use their WhatsApp account on iPad too (that should be released after the activation of the feature — but obviously this is just my guess).

About Android, WhatsApp is currently working, on the 2.20.143 beta update, on the main registration screen, that asks to use your WiFi network to save data:

Probably now you have a new question: why does WhatsApp ask to use WiFi? why “logging in may use a large amount of your data plan”?
Actually there isn’t a precise answer, but probably WhatsApp needs to transfer something from the main device. Will it be your chat history? It’s easy to think that, because there isn’t something else that needs to be copied from the main device.

The feature is under development and it will be available in future. Please note that all your devices will receive incoming messages, when the multi device feature is active, and all actions will be synced (for example starring a message, muting/archiving a chat, etc..).


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