WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.83: what’s new?

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WhatsApp has recently submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to 2.19.83.
Let’s find out together what is new ..


  • The Authentication feature is not available yet, unfortunately.
  • WhatsApp is working on this feature in this update in order to ensure the best bug-free experience for you before to enable them for everyone.
  • For this reason, it’s ok if you have updated your WhatsApp version and it is not working for you seen that this feature is under development.

We already talked about the Authentication feature in the 2.19.3 beta update, and no news from it.
Today, after released the 2.19.82 update (that contains news about the Dark Mode), WhatsApp has released a new update, bringing very important improvements for the Authentication feature (but everything is not available yet).
In particular, WhatsApp has improved the UI of the feature, including some new settings.
When the Authentication feature is enabled, a new view is shown every time you want to open WhatsApp, in according to your selected setting:

Where to enable the Authentication feature?
When the feature will be enabled (in the next updates), you will find a new option in WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy.

When you enable Use fingerprint to unlock, WhatsApp will ask your fingerprint to confirm the operation:

After enabling it, you can configure when the Authentication feature should lock the app: Immediately, After 1 minute, After 10 minutes or after 30 minutes.

When WhatsApp isn’t able to recognize your fingerprint (or there are too many attemps), WhatsApp shows an error:

We have no idea when WhatsApp is going to release this feature for any Android beta user, but we can affirm that it’s working very well in according to our personal tests.
We hope that it will be enabled for everyone very soon.


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