WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.282: what’s new?

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WhatsApp has recently submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to 2.19.282.
This update contains, finally, important hidden details about the upcoming Dark Theme: let’s find out together more about it ..


  • The Dark Theme feature is not available yet.
  • WhatsApp is working very hard on the feature in the recent few updates, in order to ensure the best bug-free experience for you, before the release for everyone.
  • There is no issue if you have updated your WhatsApp beta version and it’s not visible for you, seen that it’s under development.
  • We have no details about when the feature will be released for everyone. So, for this reason, we invite you to be patient.

Finally we can talk again about the Dark Theme feature, that adopts blue night colors!
To explain what’s new about the development of the feature, let me show some screenshots.
WhatsApp has implemented a new section, that will be available in WhatsApp Settings: Theme Settings!

In this section you can find:

  • Light theme: it’s the usual white theme that you have always used in these years.
  • Dark theme: it’s the one that you wished to have in WhatsApp!
  • System default: WhatsApp identifies the theme used by your Android system (if light or dark), and sets it in WhatsApp automatically. It’s useful if you use the latest Android version (Android Q, but sometimes it’s also available on Android 9) that supports Dark theme system-wide.

When the Dark Theme is enabled, every section in your app will be turned to blue night colors.
WhatsApp is still working on the Dark Theme. Every section adopts correctly the theme, but it’s necessary that WhatsApp adjusts the text while the Dark Theme is enabled.

As you can see in this screenshot, the text color is still not correct. WhatsApp needs to change that before the release.
Unfortunately, even if the feature seems working very well and only a few text colors need to be modified, we do not know yet when WhatsApp is going to release this feature. Please be patient and we will immediately inform you when there is news!



In a precedent update, we showed details about the Disappearing Messages feature. In this beta the feature is still not available (it needs a lot of time), but WhatsApp is working to add more intervals for the feature!

We have not a release date for this feature, because it’s under development.

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