WhatsApp for iOS 2.17.20 changelog is available



Version: 2.17.20

What’s new (@WABetaInfo changelog):

Main changes and improvements for actual features:

• General bug fixes.
• Updated all localizations.
• New language for WhatsApp: it’s the Persian one! Welcome! 😀
• New UI for the Two Step Verification.
• New UI for Group Info, already leaked by @WABetaInfo in last weeks and months.
• New UI for Contact Info, very similar to the Group Info one, published by @WABetaInfo in last week.
• New UI for the “Calls” section, that shows the profile picture of the contact and the icon of the call type.
• New design for viewing information about canceled voice and video calls, selecting Contact Info from the “Calls” section.
• You can ask now to Siri to read your messages (iOS 10.3+)
• Replaced the “Voice call” icon with the “+” icon. If you tap on ‘+’, you can see the list of your contacts for making voice and video calls icons. You aren’t able to call yourself.
• If you open your personal chat, you will notice that the voice and video calls icons are disabled (the same in Contact Info). Then, also the “Groups in Common” seems disabled in this case.
• You won’t be able to place a WhatsApp call if you’re already on another call.
• It’s possible to forward and revoke multiple statuses now, in the “My updates” section.
• Added the “Contact Cards” section in Contact Info when the contact isn’t in your address book and you already received his vCard from another contact.
• Added the “Contact details” option, that shows contact info of the contact.
• Improvements to download media from URLs. Paste an URL in the text field and “Tap to Download”. If you have already download a media, WhatsApp won’t download it again and it will ask you to edit it, if you want.
• “Passcode” is now “PIN” for Two-step verification.
• The camera now remembers the last state of usage.
• If the group’s invite link has been revoked, all administrators will be notified.
• General improvements for the autodownload feature.
• Improvements for viewing Right to Left languages on iOS 7.
• Added some checks that prevent you to forward statuses that WhatsApp is still uploading.
• Added an alert that informs the user if he has inserted the SMS code verification as the two-step verification PIN.
• Updated the Yandex Navi, Google and Apple Maps APIs.
• Improvements to manage the cache.

Hidden features and changes:
• Introducing Status v2.0, that allows to share text statuses.
• Experimenting Albums: you will be able to share multiple photos at once (the same Album feature introduced in Instagram recently). To create an Album, you have to share 5+ photos.
• Experimenting a new transmission protocol to share media.
• Experimenting a new Push name feature, that will replace the phone number in chats with the push name if you haven’t it in your address book. NOTE: The phone number is still visible! THIS IS NOT an username feature (yet?)..!
• Experimenting a way to understand if a message contains an emoji that it isn’t supported by your iOS version.
• Many improvements for the Live Location feature.
• You will be able to unsend messages sent within 5 minutes.
• Found a new green color reference.

Note: all hidden features aren’t visible for you: they aren’t available and WhatsApp will enable them in next versions.