WABetaInfo’s concept reveals a new user experience with voice messages

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In these months I’ve published a lot of concepts for new WhatsApp features, but today I’ve realized one of the best concept and it deserved a dedicated article. Discover more below!


  • This article contains concepts realized by WABetaInfo.
  • Being concepts, these features are not implemented in WhatsApp. It means they won’t be enabled in a future update, but WhatsApp might consider to develop them, if they want.

In the last months, I’ve published some screenshots that represent concepts for new features in WhatsApp. The most important are:

Today I want to present another concept. I love it so much because I think it’s really important to implement something similar in WhatsApp.
Imagine this situation: you come home and you decide to check your WhatsApp notifications. It’s been a while since you don’t see new messages because you were busy all day.
There are some messages in different chats. You open the first one and you see a voice message. Its duration is 4 minutes, it’s very boring when you have so long voice messages but it seems important and you have to listen to it.
When you listen to a voice message, you cannot switch to a different chat: if you try to do it, the playback will be interrupted, so you’re forced to stay in the chat until the end of the voice message.
My concept comes into play here, thanks to Voice Message heads. Voice message heads allows you to keep track of the current voice message when you’re in a different chat.

The voice message head can be draggable in any area of the app and, if you move it on the chat bar, it disappears and WhatsApp stops playing the voice message. If you tap once the voice message head, WhatsApp pauses the playback (that can be restored simply interacting with the voice message head again). When WhatsApp terminates to play the voice message, the head automatically disappears.

There is a video demo here that shows how the concept works:

If you experience issues playing this video, please temporarily disable the dark mode of the website.

Remember that this is a concept, it’s not a real WhatsApp feature, but I hope to see something similar implemented in future. I’ve personally realized the concept in 5 hours, so it’s not really hard for WhatsApp to develop it, if they want.
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