Spotted new WhatsApp QR Code and “Add Contact” features

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In these weeks, WhatsApp is focusing to implement new features in the app. After viewing the implementation of the PiP mode on Android, the support for the Notification Extension on IOS and screenshots of the Dark Mode, we have discovered two new functionalities that will make easier to share own contact info and to quickly add contacts.
Today we’re happy to do this announcement!



  • The new UI to quickly add contacts is not available yet on IOS and Android.
  • The Share Contact Info via QR feature is not available yet. on IOS and Android.
  • WhatsApp is working since a few weeks on these two features, adding new improvements in the recent updates. These features are not available yet for development reasons, because they need to get some improvements before to be enabled for everyone.


WhatsApp is working right now on a new feature that allows to quickly add contacts directly in the application.
It was already possible in the past, but WhatsApp wanted to start to redesign this functionality on IOS and Android, making it easier to use.
The feature will replace the current option, so it will be located in the same menu.
After selecting Add contact, a new section will be presented:

The UI is very simple and intuitive. You can choose the country where the user is located (owner of the phone number you want to add), so WhatsApp will automatically insert the country code, then you can insert the phone number.
When you insert the phone number, WhatsApp automatically shows if that user is on WhatsApp (so if he has an active WhatsApp account):



Thanks to IOS, I can show more about the future development of the new Add Contact feature.
I can announce that WhatsApp is currently working on a feature that allows to share your own phone number. It reminds the new Nametag feature, recently implemented by Instagram, and the Snapcode of Snapchat.
When you want to add a new contact in WhatsApp, you can choose to add it using a WHATSAPP QR Code, if you have it:

When the QR code is detected, WhatsApp will automatically fill all fields and the contact will be added in your address book.

When you generate your QR code the first time, WhatsApp gives the possibility to revoke it: this option is very useful because it will mark as expired the old QR code.
You can revoke your WHATSAPP QR CODE unlimited times:


The feature will be very useful for businesses, that can publish their QR Code on the Internet or in their shops.
The feature has been spotted on IOS but it will be available on Android as well, in future.

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