WhatsApp is rolling out sharing of all file types!

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Recently we wrote a post that explained how to share any files in WhatsApp for iOS, downloading an application called Document 6.
It was necessary to import the file in Document 6 that you wanted to share in WhatsApp, but since today things are going to change.



It was a little over a year ago that WhatsApp introduced documents in WhatsApp, allowing to share these file types only: csv, doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, xls, xlsx and similar.
Since today, WhatsApp is rolling out for iOS, Android, Windows Phone users the possibility to share all file types, allowing you to natively share all archives and media files: it means you will be also able to share photos and videos without be compressed!
Actually the max size allowed is still 128MB for iOS and 100MB for Android (that makes no-compressed videos very difficult to share) but it may be easily changed in future.
You may receive the activation at any time, but note that it’s really slow, because WhatsApp is experimenting this feature for some users only, at the moment. So, you can understand that you have to be very lucky to be one of the first users.
If the feature is enabled for you, you will be able to share all file types also using WhatsApp Web/Desktop (max 64MB).
Let us know on Twitter if you already received this feature and have fun to share uncompressed photos as file in WhatsApp!

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