How to enable shortcuts for your WhatsApp contacts

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The recent WhatsApp beta for iOS 2.20.80 (currently closed), update officially allows to see shortcuts for your WhatsApp contacts in the iOS share sheet.
This article will help you to figure out how to add those shortcuts!



WhatsApp shortcuts have a looong story: WhatsApp developed the feature in the update, enabling for beta testers. For unknown reasons, WhatsApp decided to disable the feature in a new 2.20.10 beta update.
The feature was restored again in the beta update, but WhatsApp had to disable it because some users were experiencing an issue with the share sheet: WhatsApp shortcuts made the share sheet to crash.
In the previous 2.20.70 beta versions, certain users were able to use WhatsApp shortcuts, but the feature was removed again because sometimes nothing happened after tapping a shortcut.
Finally, with any 2.20.80 iOS beta update, we can use WhatsApp shortcuts without any issue!

  • Install the beta update to be sure to have a build with the feature enabled.
  • Install the latest iOS 13.6 update from iPhone Settings > General > Software Update. You can also use iTunes to update your iPhone. Note that the feature is compatible with iOS 13.6 beta 3 and newer updates, so if you’re using iOS 13.6 GM the feature already works. A lot of users also report that the latest iOS 14 beta is compatible with WhatsApp shortcuts.
  • Open WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock > Disable the first toggle.
  • Send a WhatsApp message.

Every time you send a WhatsApp message, and Screen Lock is disabled, a shortcut is automatically created and added in your share sheet.
Unfortunately there is no way to add WhatsApp shortcuts in the share sheet, if Screen Lock is enabled: WhatsApp does not allow to see shortcuts if that privacy setting is enabled.
If you don’t like this feature, you can enable Screen Lock, so all your shortcuts will be immediately removed from the share sheet.
It’s not possible to remove a specific shortcut, but you can delete all shortcuts at once enabling and disabling Screen Lock again.

Note: WhatsApp shortcuts have an icon, synced with WhatsApp! If a contact changes his profile picture, you will always see the most updated one in the share sheet. If this does not happen, send a message to that contact and you will force the refresh process.


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