Facebook is still considering the interoperability with WhatsApp

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It’s been a while we got news about the interoperability between some Facebook services and WhatsApp. In this article we show what’s the recent information found.


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Topic about? Interoperability
Will be this optional? Definitely YES!
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A year ago I published an article about a news discovered by alex193a: he found some references about WhatsApp chats in Facebook Messenger for Android.
I explained that there is nothing to worry about if you don’t like Facebook: your messages will be still private.

Today the same smart developer alex193a has discovered a recent hidden change into Facebook Messenger: a WhatsApp chat inside Facebook Messenger!

This is just visual, it’s a Messenger chat thread with a WhatsApp user. The connection between WhatsApp and Messenger is still not possible, but the work is already under way.
I would also point out again that this will be totally optional. In fact you can now choose to keep disabled the connection between Instagram and Facebook. The same will be possible on WhatsApp.

Even if you won’t accept to connect your WhatsApp account to Facebook, you can still use the WhatsApp service without any limitation. Several features that have been already implemented on Facebook Messenger (like message reactions) might likely come in WhatsApp too.
Stay tuned to discover more!


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