Concept suggests the ability to set up favorite reactions for WhatsApp


A concept is one of the best ways to share feedback about a new feature on WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and Desktop. Yesterday, we shared a concept about the ability to pin up to 5 chats to the top, and we would like to share another concept with you today: the ability to set up favorite reactions!


Common questions Answers
Name of the concept? Favorite reactions
Availability? This feature is not available because this is a concept.
I’ve installed this update but I don’t see this feature. Why? Unfortunately, this feature is a concept so it is not a real WhatsApp feature, but we hope to see it implemented in the future.
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Previous news? Concept suggests the ability to pin up to 5 WhatsApp chats to the top

In July, Mark Zuckerberg announced on Facebook an exciting new feature for WhatsApp users: the ability to react to messages with a wide range of emojis and skin tones. This feature allows users to quickly and easily communicate their feelings and reactions to the messages they receive. Zuckerberg even shared some of his own favorite reactions: Robot, French Fries, Man Surfing, Smiling Face with Sunglasses, Hundred Points, and Oncoming Fist emojis. Based on Mark Zuckerberg’s own favorite reactions, we have decided to create a concept that incorporates those emojis:

Our concept features an expanded reaction tray that allows users to quickly and easily react to messages with their favorite emojis. In addition to the 6 reactions recommended by Mark Zuckerberg, the tray can hold 6 additional reactions of the user’s choice. To customize the tray, users can simply tap the settings icon and choose which emojis they would like to include. This convenient feature streamlines the process of reacting to messages and adds an extra layer of personalization to the user experience.

Please note that the expanded reaction tray and customizable emoji feature described in this concept are not currently available on WhatsApp. While this is simply a concept at this time, we hope that it will be considered for implementation in a future update of the app. We believe that this feature would greatly enhance the user experience and provide an additional layer of personalization. If we receive any updates or information about the possibility of this feature being implemented, we will be sure to share it with you through additional articles on our website. We hope that you enjoyed learning about our concept and appreciate your feedback.

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