Concept suggests “Only Share With” privacy option for WhatsApp


A concept is one of the best ways to share feedback about a new feature on WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and Desktop. Some days ago, we shared a concept about custom lists for status updates and we would like to share our new concept with you today: a new privacy option for last seen, profile photo, and about!


Common questions Answers
Name of the concept? Only Share With
Availability? This feature is not available since this is a concept.
I’ve installed the latest update of WhatsApp beta but I don’t see this feature. Why? Unfortunately, this feature is a concept made by WABetaInfo so it is not a real WhatsApp feature but we hope to see it implemented in the future.
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Previous news? WhatsApp is working on the ability to report status updates

Last year, WhatsApp released a new feature to let you give more control over your privacy settings: the ability to manage a blacklist for your privacy settings. In fact, thanks to the “My contacts except…” option, it is easier to choose who cannot see your information on WhatsApp.
In the meantime, a lot of people requested a similar feature that would let them manage a whitelist thanks to the “Only Share With” option. This is needed since you may need to update your privacy settings every time you add a new contact to your contacts list, and this is exactly the reason why we decided to create this concept:

As you probably already know, the “Only Share With” option is only visible when managing your status privacy settings and it is not available for other privacy settings for some reason. Thanks to this concept, the “Only Share With” option also shows up when managing your last seen, profile photo, and about, giving you more control over who can see this information. This privacy setting would definitely address the issue that forces you to update your privacy settings every time a new contact is added to your address book.

As we said above, this is a concept, unfortunately, so it’s not a real WhatsApp feature planned to be developed for a future update of the app. Note that, since a concept is the best way to suggest new features for the future, we hope to see this feature implemented on WhatsApp later. If we have further details to share with you, there will be an additional article on this website in the future.

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