When WhatsApp deletes user accounts

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A lot of users don’t know that WhatsApp might delete their account for some reason. Discover all the details below!


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WhatsApp is used to delete user accounts for inactivity, but there are two differences:

      Long inactivity: WhatsApp will surely delete your WhatsApp account after 120 days of inactivity. It means that you need to create the account again using your phone number and all your information are removed from WhatsApp servers.
      Short inactivity: WhatsApp can delete your WhatsApp account after 45 days of inactivity in a certain situation. If you don’t use WhatsApp for 45 days, and you log into WhatsApp before the 120th day, but you’re using the same device, WhatsApp won’t delete your account. If you log into WhatsApp from a different device after the 45th day, your account will be immediately deleted.
      This is to maintain privacy and security for WhatsApp accounts: mobile providers are used to recycle phone numbers, so it’s possible that another user was using the WhatsApp account linked to your new phone number. If WhatsApp detects an installation on a different device after 45 days of inactivity, it might mean that a different user has now the phone number.
      All information linked to the old owner will be deleted after 45 days when a different device logs into the WhatsApp account.

When WhatsApp completely deletes a user account, the user will be automatically removed from all groups. In both cases, when WhatsApp deletes your account, you can register a new one using the same phone number and, if you didn’t uninstall WhatsApp, you will find all your content there.
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