WhatsApp to enable the Authentication feature for iOS beta users today!

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After opening the first official public beta program, WhatsApp is starting to enable new features for all beta users, that will be available for any user having the AppStore version.
In this article we’ll talk about the Authentication feature, recently available in the new beta update, published through the TestFlight beta program.
Let’s show how the Authentication feature works ..


  • All these new features and improvements listed here will be immediately enabled in the next 2.19.20 iOS update on AppStore, available soon. I don’t exclude the possibility to see other features remotely enabled.
  • Details about the iOS beta program are available here, but unfortunately the program is currently full right now.
  • You can check out our TestFlight Page to daily check availability for new WhatsApp beta slots and to accept invites for other iOS beta apps!
  • If you want to be alerted with push notifications, when a new slot for testing WhatsApp beta for iOS is available, you can consider to join our Discord: you will receive a push notification when a new slot is available.

We already talked about the Authentication feature, but it was not publicly available.
Finally today WhatsApp has released the feature for all beta testers, and we have noticed some small improvements!
The Authentication feature, as shown in the old article, is available in WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy.
If you have an iPhone X or newer, Face ID is available, otherwise if you use an iPhone with a fingerprint sensor, the Touch ID option is visible.

If you select Screen Lock, you can choose to enable the Authentication feature for your device.
Note that enabling the feature won’t prevent you to reply messages from notifications and answer WhatsApp calls without the authentication.
Some other options are available that allow to configure when WhatsApp should ask the authentication:

After the configuration, the user is ready to use the Authentication feature: to test it, simply close WhatsApp and reopen it again, so you will have to authenticate your identity in order to use WhatsApp:

This screen appears only if you deny to authenticate your identity.

If your iPhone fails to detect your identity, you can also choose to enter the iPhone Passcode to open WhatsApp:

When the Authentication feature is enabled, WhatsApp doesn’t show the preview snapshot in background, presenting an empty view:

Your fingerprint (or face) data is encrypted in your phone: for this reason WhatsApp is not able to extract this information from your device (and no data is sent to their server), because the authentication process is managed by iOS. It’s totally safe for your privacy to enable this feature.
As explained above, the feature will be immediately enabled in the next 2.19.20 App Store update.



It’s possible now to download a specific sticker from a stickers pack, so you are no longer forced to download the full stickers pack.
To test, simply open the WhatsApp Stickers in-app Store, then select the stickers pack and tap and hold the sticker you want to add as favorite.


The update brings some new bug fixes and improvements, in particular for the media player, for editing videos, for the search bar, location and to zoom in status media updates.

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