WhatsApp native beta for macOS is now available for download


After releasing a very limited early-beta program of WhatsApp beta for macOS for a small number of people on TestFlight, WhatsApp has finally made the beta version of its new native app widely available for download on the official website in case you were unable to get it from the TestFlight app.


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Story about? WhatsApp beta for macOS
Status? Available
Compatibility? macOS 11 Big Sur and newer, M1 macs, and some other Intel Macs that can run apps built with Mac Catalyst are marked as compatible.
I want to install this beta app but the beta program is full. What can I do to get the beta? Finally, the app is ready to be downloaded from the official website. Read below to discover how to get the app.
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5 months ago, we posted news about a new WhatsApp application available for macOS: a native app built with Mac Catalyst. Thanks to this application, you can take advantage of all features offered by the iOS app on your mac. The app was previously only available on TestFlight, which offered limited spots for beta testing. However, WhatsApp beta for macOS is finally available for download on the official website, making it accessible to a larger audience.

If you tried to get the beta from the TestFlight app but the beta program is full, you can finally install the native app by downloading the dmg file from the official website. After installing the app, you can link the account on your Android or iOS device to WhatsApp for macOS by scanning the QR code.

The new native app built by using Mac Catalyst offers a more seamless experience for WhatsApp users on macOS: the app has been optimized to take full advantage of Mac’s hardware, making for a faster and more efficient user experience. In addition, the app has been designed to look and feel more like a traditional Mac app by introducing an app sidebar, and the ability to drag and drop files.

Note that, even if this app can be downloaded from the official WhatsApp website, it is still in beta, so some features may still not properly work, and more features are planned to be released in the future. As suggested by the new welcome screen, WhatsApp would like to know your thoughts about this app so you may consider sharing your feedback with them by using the bug button located at the lower part of the app.

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