WhatsApp is still a solution for your privacy

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A lot of users are leaving WhatsApp, because they are worried about their private communication. There’s anything to really worry about. Let’s discover why.


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There is much misinformation about changes of Terms of Service. Some users say that new Terms of Service are more complicated to understand while other users talk without knowing how things really work, switching to alternative apps like Signal (that is copying a lot of features from WhatsApp) and Telegram (that allows to import WhatsApp chats now). I almost never include personal opinions in my article, but I think we live in a world where everyone can decide which app is better for himself, so I’m not here to say to avoid other applications (also because I use all them), but I’d like to explain why WhatsApp is still a solution for your privacy.
You can find detailed information about how security works on WhatsApp on their website, but today I’ve elaborated a diagram to explain how things work from the perspective of the user.

If you experience issues to view this diagram in high quality, it’s available here.
This diagram hopefully clarifies the doubts and the situation about end-to-end encryption, business accounts, location sharing and calls. Then it’s up to you to decide what to do, obviously, but if you loved using WhatsApp before the announcement of the updated Terms of Service, you can still use WhatsApp normally with no impact on your user experience and privacy, and the diagram should help you to understand.


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