WhatsApp is rolling out the QR Code support for iOS beta users!

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WhatsApp is continuing to work on new features. In this article we’re going to announce the latest feature available for iOS beta users.
Continue reading to learn more and to discover if the feature is already available for you!


  • The support for QR Codes is actually available through a server-side update. This feature was under development and finally WhatsApp has decided to release it for beta testers today!
  • Android beta users will be following soon.
WhatsApp Messenger (22.2.73)LAST SLOT AVAILABILITY
229 days, 19 hours, 40 minutes and 18 seconds ago

The beta program is closed.
Check out TestFlight or Twitter to discover when it's available.


Finally the day has come for one of the most anticipated feature: the support for QR Codes in WhatsApp!
This was a feature previously announced more than 1 year ago (original article here), and today we have good news for you.
WhatsApp is officially rolling out, for all iOS beta testers the support for QR Codes!
But what does it mean? Nothing simpler, really. Let me explain how the feature works and how to check if it’s already available for you.
If you’re a official iOS beta tester on TestFlight, it is very likely that you have already access to the feature, but we can verify together.
Once installing the iOS update from TestFlight (that brings a new feature under development that allows to enable the encryption for your chat history hosted on iCloud, including media), just check out WhatsApp Settings:

Well, you see a QR Code: great, the feature is available for you! Now let’s discover together its functionalities.
Tap the QR Code button and WhatsApp will present your personal QR Code!


When you open this section, you see your QR Code, that you can share with your new friends, so they can easily add you on WhatsApp. When you share a QR Code with someone, you are obviously sharing your phone number too.
If you think that you’ve shared your QR Code with a wrong person or you’ve posted it in a wrong place, you can easily revoke the code. Yes, the Reset QR Code gives the possibility to remove your QR Code and a new one will be immediately generated! Note that you can repeat this operation endlessly.

Ok, you give your QR Code to someone else: how can he add you?
Everyone can use the Scan button, that opens your camera in order to scan the QR Code: it is simple, isn’t it?

You can have quick access to your QR Code using the shortcut added in the widget actions:

Note that this shortcut won’t appear if the feature isn’t available for you. Widget actions appears only on iPhone 6S and newer devices.

This feature is available today for iOS beta testers and it’s not regional lock: it means that everyone can get it now.
If you are on the latest beta update and you didn’t receive the activation, don’t worry: the server is gradually releasing it and within a few days you will surely get it.
Note that the next WhatsApp Messenger beta for iOS update ( will help to get the activation of the feature.
The support for QR Codes in WhatsApp beta for Android will be following very soon: stay tuned with the next announcement!


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