WhatsApp is rolling out the group privacy settings, including blacklist!

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It’s been a while since WhatsApp has announced, through a blog post on their website, the new group privacy setting and invite system.
The feature was rolled out mostly in India and finally we have news for other countries!


  • You need to update your WhatsApp version to the iOS and 2.19.298 Android beta updates, in order to remotely receive the activation of the Group Privacy settings, including the Blacklist one (NEW for India too).
  • If you have already updated but you don’t see the feature, you can consider to back up your chat history and reinstall WhatsApp, if you don’t want to wait more.
    Every time you reinstall WhatsApp, the most updated configurations from the server are downloaded, enabling the feature for you.

It’s been a while since we talked about Group Privacy Settings. WhatsApp has enabled it in April 4, for some users (in particular for Indian users).
Yes, if you follow me on Twitter I know what you are thinking now. It’s weird, I know, but today I’ve published this tweet:


And exactly today WhatsApp is finally expanding their tests, rolling out the Group Privacy settings for a lot of iOS and Android users, very necessary because many users were added in groups without their permission.
You can manage the Group Privacy settings opening WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups:

Opening this section, the user can choose which option to enable:

  • Everyone: the user can be always added in groups.
    No invites will be received privately.
  • My Contacts: the user can be always added in groups from his contacts.
    He will receive an invite to join a group from people not in his contacts list, privately.
  • NEW My contacts except.. option: the Nobody option was available before, but WhatsApp has decided that it’s outdated, replacing it with the Blacklist feature. You can precisely decide who cannot add you in group.

WhatsApp is currently rolling out the Group Privacy Settings and the Blacklist features for iOS..

..and Android!


When the feature was rolled out in India, we recommended to select Nobody, so you had the full control of the feature and you could decide if you really want to join a group anytime.. but unfortunately, as explained in this article, now the Nobody option isn’t available anymore.
If you hate to be added in groups and Nobody was the best option for you, just select all contacts using the Select all option:

..and remember that, when you add new contacts in your address book, to update your Group Privacy Settings, selecting Select all again.

NOTE: If you already had the Group Privacy Settings, and you have selected Nobody, selecting any other option will make Nobody unusable: it means you won’t be able to switch back to Nobody. Be careful, because Nobody was the best Group Privacy Settings available!
NOTE: If the feature isn’t available for you yet, please wait another update that will force the activation.

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