WhatsApp is rolling out the dismiss as admin feature

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WhatsApp is continuing to internally develop new features for groups, in order to improve the admin experience, providing them more tools to easily manage it.
They started to test privacy features for administrators, group voice calls and group video calls but, this time, WhatsApp thought to start to develop a feature that will allow to an administrator to demote other administrators.


  • You need to update your WhatsApp version to the 2.18.41 iOS update on AppStore and to the 2.18.116 Android web update, available in the official WhatsApp page, in order to remotely receive the activation of the feature.
  • Precedent iOS versions might get the feature, but it’s very recommended to update to this version. About Android, it’s necessary the latest web version and the feature should be also available in next Google Play Stable version too very soon.
  • As announced at the end of this post, many other features about groups might be enabled very soon after the release of a new update, precisely after this date: 6 May 2018 [*].


Since today, WhatsApp is rolling out for all WhatsApp for iOS and Android (web) users the possibility to dismiss as administrators in groups where you’re an administrator.

In old versions, when an administrator promoted a participant as new admin, in order to demote it again, it was necessary to directly remove him from the group, adding him again.
As you can see in this screenshot, the new option, present in the Group Info section, allows an administrator to dismiss another one without removing him from the group.

The feature, as above mentioned, is also available updating to the Android web version, and you can find it in Group Info, precisely in this action sheet:

If you have received the activation of the feature, you can also dismiss as admin using WhatsApp Web right now.

WhatsApp has improved this feature (after enabling it by mistake in an old WhatsApp for Android version) and now all administrators are no longer able to use the dismiss as admin option to demote the group creator for new groups, as shown in this screenshot:

And, after the activation of the dismiss feature, the administrators won’t be able to add you again in a group you recently left.

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