WhatsApp is experiencing outages worldwide


WhatsApp is experiencing severe outages for the service worldwide: the issue is server-side, so we have to wait for a fix remotely. Several users on WhatsApp for Android, iOS, and Desktop, are unable to send messages: what’s happening?



WhatsApp is experiencing a general outage worldwide so it is not possible to connect to the service since the server is down. The reasons for the outage are unknown at the moment and a lot of people complain on Twitter.


  1. Outage detected: several WhatsApp services stopped working (07:20 UTC time).
  2. Some messages may finally be marked as delivered right now for certain people but WhatsApp is still down for millions of users (08:47 UTC time).
  3. The service is being restored for some users after more than 1 hour (08:51 UTC time).
  4. Some users may still experience some issues when delivering messages (08:57 UTC time).
  5. WhatsApp Business API works again (09:06 UTC time).
  6. WhatsApp is back online: the service has been fully restored (09:15 UTC time).


  • Sending messages: it is no longer possible to send messages to one-to-one chats and group chats since they are not delivered to the server. You cannot even send a new status update to your contacts and sending a message to a broadcast list won’t work. Messages deleted for everyone will successfully be revoked when the service is back online.
  • WhatsApp calling: it is not possible to place a voice or video call on WhatsApp during the outage. Call links stopped working.
  • Registration: it’s not possible to register a new WhatsApp account and you cannot log into WhatsApp by using an existing account.
  • Linking new devices: it’s not possible to link additional devices to an existing account.
  • Contacts list: you cannot refresh your contacts list to see who is using WhatsApp in case you add a new phone number to your address book.
  • Manage groups: you cannot join or exit WhatsApp groups when WhatsApp is down and it is not even possible to create a new group. In addition, group admins cannot promote or demote other participants and manage their group invite links.
  • Update profile information: you cannot update your profile information such as your profile photo and about. It is not possible to change your phone number during the outage.
  • Update privacy settings: it is not possible to update your privacy settings for last seen, about, profile photo, who can add you to groups, and read receipts.
  • Update chat settings: you cannot toggle disappearing messages for your chats and groups.
  • Update group settings: you cannot update group information such as the group icon and name. As an admin, you cannot change group settings such as the ability to decide who can send messages to the group and who can edit group info.
  • Request account info: you cannot request your account info while WhatsApp is down. You can still export the previous archive if you’ve already downloaded it in the past.
  • Two-step verification: you cannot set up the two-step verification to your account.
  • Chat backup: you may be unable to back up your chat history on iCloud and Google Drive.
  • WhatsApp Business API: it is not possible to take advantage of the service offered by the WhatsApp Business API.

Unfortunately, we don’t have information on when this issue will be addressed by the server team. We will keep you up to date here and on Twitter when we have further details to share with you about the outage.

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