WhatsApp has sued the Indian government!

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In the last few hours, WhatsApp has made a very surprising move: WhatsApp has just sued the Indian government! But let’s see together what’s happening now…


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WhatsApp has just filed a lawsuit against the Indian government to protect the privacy of your messages, because their new regulation would break the concept of end-to-end encryption, implemented on WhatsApp for Android and iOS. WhatsApp said that the new regulation requires them to make all messages traceable, in order to understand who is the real sender of a specific message. The Indian government has threatened to ban Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp if they don’t respect the new rules, that WhatsApp considers unconstitutional.
The concept of traceability completely breaks end-to-end encryption, because this would require WhatsApp to understand who sent a particular message to who, logging billions of messages every day. WhatsApp cannot identify a single message without tracing any other message.

This concept totally violates all human rights, because the government would be able to see who shared a specific content on WhatsApp, triggering lawsuits and censorship.
WhatsApp claims that traceability is not a solution, because the original sender of a message could have downloaded what he is sharing from the web, so he’s the original sender but he’s not the creator.
WhatsApp also says the company will continue to support the government: in fact, WhatsApp has a dedicated team that reviews and responds to all valid law enforcement requests, providing the limited information available to the company, but they won’t do under these conditions.
We’ll see the progress of this story in the next few days.


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