WhatsApp Deep Links allow to download regional sticker packs

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WhatsApp has recently enabled the possibility to use Deep Links to download official Sticker Packs, without visiting the WhatsApp Sticker Store.
How can they be used? Let us explain that below!


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? Deep Links for Sticker Packs
Status? Enabled
Compatibility? Latest WhatsApp beta and stable updates for iOS and Android.
I’ve the same version but I don’t see this news, why? Be sure to visit the correct wa.me deep link…
Previous important news? WhatsApp to allow chat history migration between iOS and Android in a future update!

WhatsApp has just released a new Sticker Pack called “Vaccines for All”, available on WhatsApp for iOS and Android today:

We said it’s available today, but probably you have noticed that it’s not visible in the WhatsApp Sticker Store right now. It seems that this is an exclusive sticker pack that you can view and import into WhatsApp visiting a special URL (EDIT: WhatsApp has released it in the Sticker Store after 1 hour).
This special URL is called deep link a fast shortcut to open WhatsApp in a specific situation, in this case to view and import this sticker pack.
In order to test, you can visit wa.me/stickerpack/VaccinesForAll from your Android or iOS device and you will see that the browser will open WhatsApp, viewing this sticker pack.

But the surprises are not over now… Using Deep Links you can download regional sticker packs!
Regional packs are special sticker packs available in specific countries and for special events. These sticker packs are unavailable for all other countries, normally. Using a Deep Link you can download and import them into your sticker library!
In the past WABetaInfo has announced a lot of exclusive regional sticker packs, and today we’re releasing the full list, so you can download unavailable packs in your region today! You can also copy-paste deep links in your WhatsApp messages.


Some regional sticker packs from Indonesia:



  • Open for Business
  • Localizated Sticker Packs:

    WABetaInfo will update this article every time WhatsApp releases a new regional sticker pack, so you can download it, and it will be announced on my Twitter profile, so be sure to follow me there! If you found another exclusive sticker pack available in your country, let me know on Twitter and I will immediately add it in this list.


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