WhatsApp beta for iOS what’s new?


WhatsApp has just submitted a new update through the TestFlight beta Program, bringing the version up to The version marked within WhatsApp Settings is and the TestFlight build is 23.14.0 (494039113).
What’s new in this update? WhatsApp is releasing a clearer interface for the chat list along with new entry points for accessing your broadcast lists and creating new groups, and it’s available to some beta testers!


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? Clearer interface
Status? Rolling out
Availability? WhatsApp beta for iOS is marked as a compatible update, but some beta testers may be able to experiment with the same changes by installing the previous update.
I have the same version but I don’t have this feature, why? This feature is available to some beta testers, and it is rolling out to more people over the coming weeks.
Thanks: il_fedetrevi and Spencer, for testing and reporting!
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The beta program is closed.
Check out TestFlight or Twitter to discover when it's available.


In the article about the WhatsApp beta for iOS 22.1.72 update, we highlighted the forthcoming intentions of WhatsApp to enhance the chat list interface by implementing a clearer design. Specifically, the plan involved the removal of the two entry points associated with broadcast lists and new groups, aiming to declutter the interface. After installing the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update, which is available on the TestFlight app, some beta testers now have the opportunity to personally explore and experiment with these changes within the chat list!

As you can see in this screenshot, it is noticeable that the entry point for accessing your broadcast lists and creating new groups has been removed. In addition, a select group of beta testers is currently experimenting with an alternative location for the entry point to create new groups, positioned above the search bar. However, this may be a test so it’s not confirmed it will be released to more people in the future. For those users that do not see the “New Groups” entry point, they may be prompted with a tooltip to inform them regarding the ability to create new groups within their contacts list.

In the event that these changes have been implemented in your WhatsApp account, you can still make use of the broadcast lists feature by simply navigating to the app settings as a new shortcut is available there. Alternatively, an additional entry point has also been introduced within your contacts list, ensuring convenient access to broadcast lists from multiple locations. These adjustments have been implemented with the intention of enhancing the overall appearance and usability of the chat list, aiming to provide an improved user experience.

Attentive users will recall that these changes were announced over a year ago on this website but have not been released until now. This delay is attributed to the fact that these changes may be part of their recent project to enhance the app interface, following the announcement of the tweaked interface that features translucent bars with the WhatsApp for iOS 23.13.80 update from the App Store.

The clearer interface is available to some beta testers that install the latest update of WhatsApp beta for iOS from the TestFlight app, and it is rolling out to even more people over the coming weeks.

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