WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new?


WhatsApp is rolling out a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to
What’s new in this update? WhatsApp is working on a redesigned keyboard, and it will be available in a future update of the app!


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? Redesigned keyboard
Status? Under development
Availability? WhatsApp is working on bringing a redesigned keyboard to a future update.
I’ve installed this update but I don’t have this feature. Why? This feature is under development so it is not ready to be released to beta testers, but you can discover a preview in this article.
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In the article about the WhatsApp beta for Android update, we announced that WhatsApp is working on a new attachment menu. The tweaked attachment menu is built with the concept of offering a better user-friendly experience with a clearer interface. The feature is still in development but, thanks to the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update, available on the Google Play Store, we discovered that WhatsApp is also working on tweaking the app keyboard:

As you can see in this screenshot, it is evident how WhatsApp is redesigning the keyboard, planned to be released in a future update of the app. If we compare this screenshot with the current keyboard, we can notice that the keyboard type selection bar will be moved from the bottom to the top, and it seems that the bar that allows us to access various categories of emojis will be removed, or at least that’s the current plan.

The categories bar allows users to easily access different categories of emojis, so we understand that it is helpful for users who frequently use emojis and need to quickly find the one they want. We understand the news regarding the removal of the categories bar might cause some concern as endlessly scrolling may be needed to send a certain emoji. Note that this is a feature in the experimental phase and is still under development, so it may be subject to changes since it is not yet ready to be released to some beta testers, or it may be a temporary move due to the development.

Note that this update also provides further information about the compatibility with old operating systems as it seems to no longer be compatible with Android versions lower than 5.0. WhatsApp ends support for older versions of Android to ensure that the app can take advantage of the latest security features and provide the best user experience, while also allowing developers to focus on new features for the majority of users on more recent versions of the operating system.

In addition, after installing this update, some users may experience an issue with the splash screen as the logo may unexpectedly appear larger than normal. However, this seems a widely known bug and it is not a problem on your end, so there is no need to worry.

The redesigned keyboard is under development and it will be released in a future update of WhatsApp. As always, we’re going to post an additional article on this website when we have further details to share with you.

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