News of the week: Status announcement, Terms of Service and more

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It’s been a week full of news about WhatsApp. Let’s discover what happened!


Common questions Answers
Topic about? News of the week
Where can I read new Terms of Service? Terms of Service are available here.
I’ve wrongly accepted new Terms of Service! Can I revoke them? No.
I wrongly declined new Terms of Service! What to do? WhatsApp will present the new Terms of Service again.
What happens if I don’t accept new Terms of Service? You won’t be able to use WhatsApp anymore until you accept them.
Are the announcements posted from WhatsApp a sign of ads to come on WhatsApp? No.
  • We explained that our chats and calls are still safe, because the changes introduced in the Terms of Service are about businesses and solution providers.
  • There has been an official response from WhatsApp, that clarified this concept: your WhatsApp experience won’t change and you can still safety chat with your friends and family.
  • In order to limit misinformation about Terms of Service, WhatsApp is officially postponing them.

    In our recent article we explained that WhatsApp was going to work to do a lot more to clear up the misinformation around how privacy and security works on WhatsApp.
    Today, WhatsApp is starting to send their own status updates to several users from India and Mexico!

    It’s a good move to inform their users that chats, calls and shared locations are always end-to-end, regardless their changes in the Terms of Service.



    In the recent beta versions, WhatsApp has introduced new tones when you accept/decline or terminate a call. They have also recently introduced these tones in the latest WhatsApp for Android (web release).


    WhatsApp is removing some features that they have recently enabled:

    Both features will be enabled again in a future update.


    Finally the YouTube bug has been fixed on WhatsApp for iOS. It was already fixed on WhatsApp for Android one month ago.


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