Latest news about multi-device: features and limitations!

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What about using your WhatsApp account on a different device, when you cannot use your phone, without requiring an active Internet connection on your main device? The feature is under development but you can discover some exclusive details below!


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? Multi-Device
Status? Under development
Availability? This feature should be released for iOS and Android beta testers within 2 months or so.
I’ve installed the latest update but I don’t see the new feature, why? The feature is under development, so it’s not ready for the public right now, but you can see a preview in this article.
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Multi-device is probably the killer feature you’re waiting for with impatience. Thanks to multi-device, you will be able to use your WhatsApp account on multiple devices, without requiring an active Internet connection on your main device.
Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart confirmed to WABetaInfo that multi-device is coming within two months. Note that, in order to ensure a good product, it might also take a bit longer, because release dates can change during the development, but two months is their main goal.
What do we know about multi-device right now?

  • Linked devices can work without an active Internet connection on the main device. We will discover which devices are supported below.
  • You can link up to 4 devices to your WhatsApp account. This has been confirmed by Will Cathcart too, in our interview.
  • WhatsApp will allow the chat history migration between iOS and Android. WhatsApp always requires to update the app before starting the migration.
  • Multi-device will be released as beta feature to people that want to try it, and it will be initially optional.
  • Voice and video calls work across linked devices.
  • You cannot message or call people that have an outdated WhatsApp version installed.

Today we have news: we already said that WhatsApp will release the first version of multi-device beta for WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop and Portal only, in our previous articles. It means you won’t be able to link a mobile phone like another iPhone or Android at first but this feature is exclusive for those platforms. WhatsApp also confirms in a screenshot that the first version of multi-device will support those devices only:

Performance and quality may also be affected, but it is temporary: beta features have always issues, but they are fixed before being released to everyone.
But… will the possibility to link a second mobile phone be available in a future update? It must be said that WhatsApp was also working on a log out option, that appears only on linked devices, so it’s really possible to imagine that we will be able to link mobile devices too, in the future, but this first version of multi-device only allows WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop and Portal to work without an active Internet connection on your phone. We’re looking to discover what the future version of multi-device includes!
Stay tuned to discover news and features about WhatsApp for Android and iOS!


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