A lot of issues in the 2.20.200 beta builds of WhatsApp for Android

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Recently WhatsApp has submitted some updates through the Google Play Beta Program, for the 2.20.200 builds. In these builds WhatsApp is working to implement new features, as previously published in this website, but unfortunately these builds contain a lot of bugs. Let’s discover them together in the detail!



In the beta update, several users were experiencing a crash when trying to open Storage Usage.
It must be said that a crash for this section is predictable, seen that WhatsApp is working to implement new tools for Storage Usage.
This bug is fixed in the beta version.


In these builds, there is a bug that completely removes your recently used emojis. This usually happens every time the user updates WhatsApp. Actually there isn’t a fix for this bug.


After installing the beta update, a lot of users (and probably everyone) were experiencing a weird bug that kicked them out from groups without a reason. These users tried to join their groups again using group invite links or asking to a friend to be added again. It seems to be only apparent, because if you tap the group name to see its info, you are again in the group, but obviously nobody could imagine something similar.


Another bug: when opening a chat shortcut on your home screen, Android says the app to open the shortcut (WhatsApp) is not installed. This bug is fixed with the recent beta versions.


Some users were reporting a bug that didn’t show a correct background for status updates. This happened with specific photos or videos.

We know beta versions can cause issues, for this reason if you want a perfect experience in WhatsApp, I recommend to use the latest Web release: it’s like a final beta, ready to be submitted to the Play Store and these versions are very stable. Note: you cannot normally use a web release if your beta build is newer than the web release. You should wait for a web release version that’s newer.
We also recommend to back up your chat history if you’re used to download beta versions so, if there is something wrong in a new update that deletes your messages or media (something similar happened in the past), your chat history are safe on Google Drive.


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