WhatsApp is implementing new tools for Storage Usage

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Two months ago we have announced that WhatsApp was introducing new tools for Storage Usage, to improve the user experience with the application.
Today we have news about it: discover what’s new below!


  • Tools for Storage Usage are under development and they are not available yet.
  • WhatsApp is testing them before the release: they are under development now and unfortunately there isn’t a release date available.
  • Other tools might be introduced in the next versions, and we’re monitoring them.

We have announced new tools for Storage Usage some months ago, that should help the user to free up space on the phone, exploring all WhatsApp media.
The first tool was a filter that allowed to find forwarded and large files, announced in this article. However those tools were like a prototype, something that had to be improved before the release (in fact features that are under development are used to be changed before the activation), and today we can show how these tools are organized in the new redesigned Storage Usage section!

We have to pay attention to this screenshot, in order to understand which features Storage Usage will offer.

  • The first section has a storage bar, useful to understand the portion of space occupied by WhatsApp (all your media).
  • The second section helps us to review all shared files, in order to delete unnecessary media, so we can free up space. Here we can see forwarded and large files (and we can also sort them), with a completely different UI than the one published in the old article.
  • The last section contains the list of our chats as usual, with the possibility to search a specific chat.

WhatsApp is still improving these tools, that are currently under development, and probably other tools will be introduced before the release for beta testers (probably the tool to clear all messages except starred, under development for iOS).
Note that these tools are coming for iOS too.
We’re monitoring new tools and we will inform you about any other change: stay tuned!


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