When WhatsApp ends groups

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We posted some information about when WhatsApp bans user accounts and what you can do to protect your account. Today we want to give more information about when WhatsApp ends groups and why.


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Maybe you didn’t know but WhatsApp has the ability to end specific groups. Seen that WhatsApp cannot see their content, because messages, media and calls are end-to-end encrypted, the moderation team uses an advanced machine learning technology based on recorded bad group information.
WhatsApp can automatically end groups when they are reported multiple times from different users, or the group has suspicious information such as illegal group names and descriptions: in this case, the group may be automatically or manually ended.
When a group is ended, its participants will no longer be able to send messages and read the chat history. And also, they cannot open the group info and read the list of other participants:

In addition, WhatsApp also offers the ability to contact customer support within the ended group, so you can forward a request to restore it. Note that WhatsApp may ban group admins from using the WhatsApp service.

What can you do to be safe? You should always follow our 10 golden rules to stay safe on WhatsApp and their Terms of Service. It’s also important to be careful about what groups you’re in: if you see a suspicious group, you should report and leave it immediately. In addition, be sure to select the “My contacts except…” option about who can add you in groups.

If you want a major layer of security, and you are a group admin, you should restrict who can change the group’s subject and description, selecting “Only Admins” within the group settings. This is because of the possibility that a user account may have been stolen from malicious people, so they cannot change the group name using an illegal one. They may trigger WhatsApp systems to ban the entire group, for example making multiple participants admins and choosing illegal group information.
If you’re not the group admin, please explain to group admins why it’s important to protect the group.

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