WhatsApp Web to globally support PiP for shared videos today!

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In the last months, WhatsApp was hardly working on a new important update for WhatsApp Web/Desktop.
Initially, the feature had to support more services, but WhatsApp has decided to partially release it to allow their users to test it right now: let’s discuss the news now!



  • The Picture in Picture feature is currently available for shared videos.
  • You need to have the 0.3.1846 update installed.
  • WhatsApp Desktop should support this feature in the next upcoming update.


Finally! WhatsApp has remotely enabled a new good feature for all WhatsApp Web users: Picture in Picture!
In order to use this feature, you need to install the 0.3.1846 update: every time you open WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Web automatically checks if there is a new update, installing it at the next launch.
To verify the version, open WhatsApp Web > Settings > Help. If the version is not 0.3.1846 but it’s older, you should clear the cache of your browser.
When you are sure to be at least on 0.3.1846, you can test the feature simply sending or receiving a video in a chat.

When the video is presented, you can choose to play it in the Picture in the Picture mode, so you can continue to message in the chat, and you can also start messaging with other contacts, the PiP won’t disappear (same behavior on WhatsApp for iOS but different than WhatsApp for Android).
WhatsApp was testing this feature also for videos hosted on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Streamable, but it seems they decided to start to enable it for shared videos. We will inform you when the feature is enabled for these services too: stay tuned!


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