WhatsApp is working on Albums and Grouped Stickers for WhatsApp Web

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After publishing an article about the Fingerprint Lock feature, released for Android beta users, we’ve discovered that WhatsApp is actually working on a lot of new features for WhatsApp Web, to release in a major update.
We start to present two features in this article. Other features will be eventually presented in future.


  • The Grouped Stickers and Albums features are not available yet.
  • WhatsApp is working on the feature in the last few days, in order to ensure the best bug-free experience for you, before the release for everyone.
  • For this reason, there is no issue if you have open WhatsApp Web and these features are not visible for you, seen that they are in a development stage.
  • I have no details about when these features will be released for everyone, and which update will contain them, so I invite you to be patient.

WhatsApp has developed a great feature called Albums. Albums are able to group more items (photos and videos) in a single bubble, in order to save space in the chat screen.
The feature is available for iOS and Android since the last year, and finally the team has started to develop it for WhatsApp Web.

The feature works exactly like on our phones: when more items are shared in a chat, WhatsApp Web will group them.
Albums are very useful because they also allow to be forwarded or deleted entirely, so the user doesn’t need to manually select every photo in the album: WhatsApp Web will support this functionality as well.
As written above, the feature is not available yet and it will be available in future.



Grouped Stickers are an extension of the Albums feature.
The feature allows to easily group two stickers in a row.

There will be nothing particular to do if you want to send group stickers, because it works exactly like the feature on your phone: when you send two stickers, and you load the chat UI again, the feature will group two stickers in a row.
Seen that the Grouped Stickers feature is an extension of “Albums”, being Albums not available yet, you can understand that Grouped Stickers will be available in future too.
Just be patient to see good things to come.

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