WhatsApp is releasing a new sticker pack: Giannis and Family!


A few hours ago, WhatsApp released the new WhatsApp beta for Android update and it brings information about avatars. In the meantime, a new animated sticker pack has been rolled out to all users on iOS, Android, and Desktop: Giannis & Family, created by Mario Nomso and STATE Design!


Common questions Answers
What’s the name of the new sticker pack? Giannis & Family
Availability? The sticker pack named “Giannis & Family” is now available on all versions of WhatsApp.
I opened the sticker pack store within WhatsApp but I don’t see the new sticker pack. Why? Please kill the app and reopen it if you’re not able to see this sticker pack within the sticker pack store.
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A new sticker pack is now available on the official WhatsApp Sticker Store: Giannis & Family — for the millions of us between countries, cultures, and languages, there’s No One Like Us! This is an animated sticker pack that has been released to all users that install the latest versions of WhatsApp for iOS, Android, and Desktop. Since this is not a regional sticker pack (so it is not limited to certain countries), it is already visible within the Sticker Store worldwide:

As you can see in this screenshot, it is easier for you to check if the new sticker pack “Giannis & Family” is available for your WhatsApp account: just open the Sticker Store within the WhatsApp Keyboard > Sticker Button > Add icon, and you should see the new sticker pack listed here. Note that, even if the screenshot is taken on WhatsApp for iOS, this sticker pack is also available on Android and Desktop as we said before.
If for some reason you don’t see this sticker pack listed within the Sticker Store, you can immediately get it by using this special deep link: a deep link for sticker packs can be used as a fast shortcut to view them within WhatsApp.

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