WhatsApp is experiencing severe outages with connecting to the server


A lot of users are currently experiencing an issue when using WhatsApp, as the app is unable to connect to the server. It seems this issue is not due to a broken update and it is not limited to a certain platform. Let’s explore the details together.



A lot of users are currently unable to use WhatsApp due to an ongoing severe outage. Specifically, these users are experiencing difficulties connecting to the service as the app is unable to connect to the server. At the moment, we have a confirmation that the outage may be affecting all users on Android and iOS worldwide, according to our reports. However, the exact extent of the outage and the number of affected users remain officially unknown as the company has not issued any official statements or disclosed information about the underlying cause of the problem at this time. We also shared a tweet on Twitter to get feedback from users regarding the current outage.


  1. Outage detected: a lot of WhatsApp users are unable to connect to the service (20:16 UTC time).
  2. Registration: it is no longer possible to log into WhatsApp during the outage (20:17 UTC time).
  3. Official confirmation: WhatsApp just shared an official statement on Twitter regarding the current outage (20:46 UTC time).
  4. The service is starting to work: WhatsApp is in the process of restoring its service, and some users may already be able to send and receive messages (20:49 UTC time).
  5. Issue fixed: the service seems back to normal. However, a few users may still expect some minor outages (20:56 UTC time).
  6. Issue fixed: the WhatsApp Business API works again. This further confirms that the connectivity issue is fixed for everyone (21:02 UTC time).

Unfortunately, we don’t have information on when this issue will be addressed by the server team. We will keep you up to date here and on Twitter when we have further details to share with you about the outage.

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