WhatsApp for iOS 2.17.30 changelog is available



Version: 2.17.30

Main changes and improvements for actual features:

• General bug fixes.
• Updated all WhatsApp localizations.
• Updated all Siri localizations.
• Added 4 new localizations: Bengali, Gujarati, Irish and Urdu languages. Welcome! 😀
• Added a new tone to video calls ended.
• The album feature is now enabled by default. Albums can contain images and videos. To create an album, send 4+ photos/videos without the caption.
• Added the possibility to select multiple elements in albums for forwarding/deleting them.
• Added the voiceOver support for the album feature.
• Added filters in WhatsApp. Share a photo, video or GIF using WhatsApp and swipe up in the drawing tool view to see all filters: Pop, B&W, Cool, Chrome and Film. Other filters can be added later. Filters are also available when you start WhatsApp through the Share Extension.
• New call icon in the Calls section.
• New “New Chat” icon in the Chats section.
• Improvements to notify when a contact isn’t available for video calling.
• UI Improvements to view the group icon and the profile picture.
• Improvements to manage the orientation in the Calls section.
• Improvements for sending a voice message if the recipient isn’t available for calling.
• Improvements to report spam chats and calls. You can also find a new Report option in Contact/Group Info.
• Very small improvements to forward your messages.
• Added the possibility to quickly reply to a message: swipe right on a message to reply to it.
• Improvements to manage your contacts details.

Hidden features and changes:

• “Unsend” is now called “Recall“.
• Improvements for business features, in particulat to get the verification of a business contact you are chatting with.
• Added Stickers in WhatsApp. WhatsApp will use 3 Facebook stickers packs.
• Added the possibility to star a sticker to quickly find it later.
• Added the possibility to star a GIF and see it in the starred GIFs tab in the new keyboard, to quickly find it later.
• When you send a GIF or a Sticker, it will be saved in the “Recent GIFs/Stickers” tab, to quickly find it later.
• Restyled the GIFs search feature, that will be included in your keyboard.
• Experimenting a new Contacts list.
• Improvements for the Live location feature: when a contact enables this feature and you haven’t him in your Address book, the push name will be shown in the Live Location section.
• Added a hidden section in Privacy settings:”Live Location” to manage all chats where you are sharing your live location in.
• UI Improvements in the Status section, when there are no statuses available.
• Mutes statuses will be hidden in the Status section, in future. To view them, you have to tap on a new row called “See All“.
• The “About” of the PSA chat (official WhatsApp chat) is “Official announcement”.
• WhatsApp is still experimenting a new transmission protocol to share media.
• It’ll be possible to add new contacts in the Status section.
• Improvements for text statuses, in particular to choose their background color.
• Improvements to send to WhatsApp Web the list of all received statuses.

Note: all hidden features aren’t available now and WhatsApp will enable them in next versions.

This changelog has been written by @WABetaInfo.