WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android offer new shortcut to boost status updates for businesses


WhatsApp is rolling out a new shortcut for businesses that allows them to advertise their status updates on Facebook and Instagram. The shortcut definitely encourages businesses to consider advertising their status updates in order to reach a wider audience and it is currently available for some users who have installed the latest business versions of WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android.


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? Boost Status
Status? Rolling out
Availability? Android: WhatsApp Business beta for Android is a compatible update.
iOS: WhatsApp Business beta for iOS is a compatible update.
I’ve installed this update but I don’t have this feature. Why? This feature is available to some beta testers that use the business app. You need to wait for a future update in case you don’t have it.
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WhatsApp has been continuously developing new features to help businesses reach new people, offering essential tools in order to allow them to better connect with their customers. A lot of businesses have found success in promoting their products from their catalog through Facebook advertisements so they can reach new customers, and this has certainly been a widely used tool in recent months. For this reason, WhatsApp wants to encourage more people to use similar business tools by releasing a shortcut that allows some businesses to quickly access the option to advertise a status on Facebook:

As you can see in this screenshot, a new shortcut to advertise status updates may appear after sharing them and it allows businesses to forward the status update to the Facebook app. In this case, it will be possible to continue to Facebook to edit the ad and the description, and set how long the business wants it to run. Note that some lucky beta testers on the business app may also be able to see an additional shortcut for a similar feature by forwarding a message to the Facebook app in order to create an ad for Instagram and Facebook.

One of the advantages to advertise a status is that it offers a new way to reach a wider audience: by advertising their status updates, businesses can reach customers who are not on WhatsApp but use Facebook and Instagram. This means that businesses can potentially reach a larger audience and generate more sales. In our opinion, it also provides businesses with more options to promote their products and services: by offering a shortcut that appears every time a status update is posted, WhatsApp is encouraging businesses to consider advertising their status updates in order to create an ad that can be displayed on other Meta apps. In this case, customers may also be able to reach the business via click to WhatsApp.

Note that, even if the screenshot is taken from WhatsApp Business for iOS, the same feature is also available to some beta testers that install WhatsApp Business for Android, but the latest beta version of the app from the Play Store is needed. In addition, after advertising a status update, it is available as an advertisement post on Facebook or Instagram, but it will not be shared with other WhatsApp users as this feature only offers optional advertising functionality on Instagram and Facebook.

The new shortcut to advertise a status is available to some users that install the latest business versions of WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android, and it is rolling out to even more businesses over the coming weeks.

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