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WhatsApp has just submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to
What’s new in this update? Discover the details below!


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? New Delete Message for Everyone
Status? Under development
Availability? WhatsApp is planning to release this feature in a future update.
I’ve installed the beta update, but I cannot delete old messages for everyone. Why? Seen that this feature is under development, it’s not available to the public, but you can discover a preview here.
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It’s been so long: WhatsApp has released the possibility to delete your messages for everyone 4 years ago. You surely know that this feature has a limitation: you can delete messages within a certain amount of time.
When WhatsApp has released the feature, the limit was set to 7 minutes: it means you couldn’t delete a message for everyone if it was sent 8 minutes before. After some time, WhatsApp has set the new limit to 4096 seconds: 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.
In order to celebrate our 150k followers on Twitter today, we are happy to announce that WhatsApp is working on a new version of “delete for everyone”, extending the limit to a new undefined time in a future update!

But… what is the new undefined time? As you can see in this screenshot, the new version of “delete message for everyone” allows deleting a message sent 3 months ago: this is because WhatsApp is planning to change the time limit in a future update. How does the feature under development work right now? The new feature allows deleting any message for everyone without considering when it has been sent, but note: seen that this new version of delete messages for everyone is under development, things may totally change before the release and nothing is always confirmed until the activation of the feature for beta testers.
We also don’t know if WhatsApp will also allow deleting messages sent before the activation of this feature: in this case, only messages sent after the activation of the feature can be deleted, but note that this is just our personal assumption because this has not been implemented yet. What we can confirm is that you can delete a message for everyone without time limits at the current state of development.
There isn’t a known release date but we are following the development of the feature carefully, and we will immediately post a tweet or article when there is news for beta testers.

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