WhatsApp beta for Android what’s new?

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WhatsApp has just submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to
What’s new in this update? Discover all details below!


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? End-To-End Encrypted Backups
Status? Under development
Availability? WhatsApp is testing the feature and it will be available in a future update .
I’ve the same version but I don’t see this news, why? The feature is not available yet, but you can see a preview here.
Previous news? WhatsApp is releasing 6 new sticker packs today!

After enabling the Playback Speed and a redesigned chat bar in previous WhatsApp beta updates for Android (but more activations will be following in the next updates if you didn’t receive them), WhatsApp is now working to introduce End-To-End Encrypted Backups!
End-To-End Encrypted Backups will make your backups very safe when hosted on Google Drive. When you restore WhatsApp, you need to type the passcode to decrypt it, and nobody else can see its content because the end-to-end encryption protects it from unauthorized access.
The feature is under development but we can show a preview about the introduction of the feature:

When you decide to enable end-to-end encrypted backups you have to insert a passcode to configure it (as shown in previous articles):

When the feature to encrypt backups is enabled, WhatsApp will give the possibility to Change Password or disable encryption:

The password is private and it won’t be shared with WhatsApp or their parent company, Facebook. When the feature will be available, WhatsApp cannot help you to restore an encrypted end-to-end backup if you lose the password. It also seems WhatsApp will give the possibility to create a recovery key, useful when you lose the password or you want to restore that backup.
The feature is under development and it will be available in a future update. Stay tuned to discover new features and announcements!


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