WhatsApp beta for Android 2.17.210: what’s new?

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WhatsApp submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Program: the version is 2.17.210.
But what features WhatsApp added in this update?
Let’s find out together ..




We already talked about text statuses, a hidden feature added in the iOS builds, with an experimental support for Android, but today WhatsApp improved this feature in this Android beta, that will allow you to share statuses in a text format.


You will find a new option called “New text status”, that will allow you to send to your Contacts (managed by Status privacy settings) a text status.

You will be able to write your customized text status, inserting emojis, a customized font (two fonts are available at the moment) and the background color.
Actually WhatsApp will choose a random color everytime you press the palette icon, but we don’t exclude that WhatsApp will improve this feature, allowing users to choose a determined color.

Once you have customized your text status and it’s ready, you can send it and your Contacts will receive it in the usual Status tab.
This is the first font:


This is the second font:

If you have a message in your chat history that you would like to send to Status, you will be easily able to forward it.
If you want to forward a message in Status, you won’t be able to customize it and it will be immediately sent, but if you select the message > Share > WhatsApp and you select My Status, it will be possible to edit it.

Then, text statuses can be also formatted!



Probably you noticed that sometimes, when you send many media in WhatsApp, the app sends them in a random order. In future this won’t be so, because WhatsApp is finally working on it.


Also the live location feature finds a place in this update, bringing some small UI improvements in the Live location Privacy Settings.

Note that these feature are disabled by default (learn here what is a hidden feature and how to enable them) and they will be enabled for all WhatsApp users in next stable updates when WhatsApp developers will be sure that all features are finally bug free and they are ready to be used.