WABetaInfo reached 200k followers on Twitter


On November 1, 2021, we announced that we reached 150k followers on Twitter, and we’re happy to share with you a similar announcement about two new achievements today: 200k followers on Twitter and 5000 participants on the community announcement group on WhatsApp!


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We created the WABetaInfo account on Twitter almost 7 years ago and our mission was to share authentic news about WhatsApp. This was a small project and we didn’t know how long it would last since it is hard to be notable, but we are still here with good results: a few hours ago, we finally reached 200k followers on Twitter and it was really unexpected. To be honest, we didn’t imagine that this project would become so important, and we really feel to be the first source you can trust to get real-time news about WhatsApp.
Two weeks ago, we also launched our WABetaInfo Community on WhatsApp that includes an announcement group: thanks to the announcement group, you can get messages about new features and updates right within WhatsApp. But there is something else unexpected since our community on WhatsApp has already reached maximum capacity: this is another great achievement!

What’s our vision for the future? We’re still going to talk about new features discovered in the next updates of WhatsApp for iOS, Android, and Desktop with the same commitment, dedication, and accuracy as always and we’re excited to share with you what’s new in the next year. Note that your role is really important so we also expect to get your feedback to share with the community on Twitter and Discord.

In addition, we plan to focus more on our community on WhatsApp: as explained in the article where we announced our Community, we plan to create some discussion groups in the future so we can interact on WhatsApp to discuss new features and announcements together. Unfortunately, we don’t know when it will happen since it depends on WhatsApp: when the ability to hide the phone number within community groups is available, we’ll finally get started.

We know our community on WhatsApp is full since it reached 5000 participants but don’t worry: we expect to get larger communities on WhatsApp in the future so you will finally be able to join our community on WhatsApp next year. We’re aware that a lot of people from Brazil were unable to join since communities are still not available in this country, but we’re sure there will be a place for you soon and, as always, there will be an additional article on this website to announce this event.

Two important achievements and that’s all because of you: thank you! We hope you appreciate our work in sharing news with you as soon as we can and we expect some feedback to improve our service. Please, keep following WABetaInfo if you would like to discover future updates, improvements, and features of WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, Web/Desktop, and Windows!


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