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Hi there! It seems you want to join the official Discord of WABetaInfo, to get push notifications when beta access is available.

How does this service work?
A beta program on TestFlight has 10.000 slots available, per group. An app on TestFlight has 1 group by default.
The beta program is full when there are 10.000 testers in that group. The beta access becomes available when:
  • Someone leaves the beta program, so you can get it. For example, if I leave the beta program for Snapchat, a person can join.
  • Developers remove inactive testers, so the beta access is available for a lot of people.
  • Developers create a new testers group, so 10.000 new users can become beta testers.
    When one of those three situations happens, my Discord Server sends a push notification, if you got a role: isn't it incredible?
If you are interested to join my Discord Server, you are accepting that:
You must read #roles to understand how to receive notifications, because everything is explained in detail there.
You understand that WABetaInfo does not provide beta access or TestFlight redeem codes. I just offer a service that allows to receive push notifications when beta access is available.
You must read #server-rules before asking questions. There are 11 simple rules. You need to read all of them.

Supported apps:
WhatsApp Messenger for iOS, WhatsApp Messenger for macOS, WhatsApp Business.