Summary of recent new features for WhatsApp Business: new linked device interface, track ad, and reorder collections!


The latest important news announced for businesses is the ability to subscribe to WhatsApp Premium, an optional premium plan for certain businesses, but there is also some other minor features that have been released in the past few weeks on WhatsApp Business beta for Android and iOS. Let’s give them a look!


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Name of the feature? Business news
Status? Available
Compatibility? Latest versions of WhatsApp Business beta for Android and iOS are marked as compatible updates.
I’ve installed this update but I don’t have this feature. Why? Some of these features may still be available to only some beta testers. In this case, please wait for a future update in order to get the missing feature.
Thanks: Dilshan Uyangoda for collaborating, testing, and reporting, all these features available for businesses around the world, and SiLent.
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WhatsApp keeps working on providing more tools to businesses in order to help them provide a better service to their customers. In the past few weeks, WhatsApp silently released some minor features that we will list in this article. The first one is a shortcut called “Advertise on Facebook” that has been released to all businesses that use the latest version of WhatsApp Business for Android and iOS. Thanks to this shortcut available right within WhatsApp Settings, it will be easier for businesses to reach this section so they do not need to open the business tools anymore.

In the past, businesses could already create ads thanks to a three-step procedure but there are some improvements in tracking the performance of an ad created within WhatsApp. In fact, it seems businesses do not need to leave the app anymore in order to track an ad since in the past they had to open the Facebook app. As you probably already know, businesses can design their own ad to publish on Facebook or Instagram by creating sponsored posts and they can now be finally tracked right within WhatsApp. We want to remember that thanks to these advertisements available on Facebook and Instagram, customers may be able to reach businesses on WhatsApp by using the click to WhatsApp button. The ability to track an ad is available to businesses that install one of the recent versions of the iOS and Android business app and it is probably the best news for businesses that create sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram.


About news implemented in the past, it is already noted to some businesses that can also sync their profile photo of the Facebook Page or Instagram account with the one of their WhatsApp Business profile after linking one of these social accounts. Note that even if this screenshot is taken from WhatsApp Business for iOS, the same feature is also available on WhatsApp Business for Android since some time.

In the past few weeks, WhatsApp also released a new interface for the section “Linked device” by updating the image within the header and it is available for some Android users in the business app. Also, the number of devices linked to the account is highlighted within the header. In addition, WhatsApp is also rolling out a shortcut to join WhatsApp Premium, their new optional subscription plan that includes additional features. The shortcut is visible to certain businesses that can join WhatsApp Premium:

The latest news that we want to talk about in this summary is the ability for businesses to reorder their collections, a better place where businesses can organize their items for better sales. Thanks to this feature, it is easier for the business and customers to view items and certain businesses can now reorder their collections after installing the latest beta version of WhatsApp Business for Android and iOS. Just try to create more than one collection in order to check if the feature is available for your WhatsApp account.

Some of these features have been already released in the past few weeks to businesses that install the latest version of WhatsApp Business for iOS from the App Store and WhatsApp Business beta for Android from the Play Store. If you do not see one or more of these features even if you use an updated build of WhatsApp, like the ability to reorder a collection, note that they may only be released to certain businesses so they will surely show up in the next few updates.

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