Piracy on WhatsApp: court orders to ban some WhatsApp users

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Nowadays, the phenomenon of piracy is still very widespread. Despite numerous measures to limit the spread of pirated material, the phenomenon is perhaps out of control. Just think about the latest order issued by a legal court regarding WhatsApp.


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This story is very interesting: a judge has just ordered WhatsApp to ban all user accounts that shared a certain pirated material and to take similar action against all other accounts reported for piracy reasons.
What’s happening? Zee Entertainment Enterprises revealed that its new film named “Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai” has been pirated online, and some copies were found on WhatsApp and Telegram too.
A statement from Zee Entertainment Enterprises claimed that the officials are actively tracking down all phone numbers involved in the act of piracy and taking required legal action. In fact, Zee Entertainment took its battle against a large number of websites that illegally shared the material and asked everyone to stay away from any form of piracy to avoid the cyber cell to take action against them as well.
About WhatsApp, Zee Entertainment sent 8 phone numbers to Facebook of users that shared, viewed, downloaded and stored the movie on WhatsApp without any permission, claiming to have some evidence, but no response has been received from Facebook yet.
In the order, the Court found that Zee Entertainment Enterprises was right: the Judge ordered to immediately stop from storing, reproducing, communicating, disseminating, circulating, copying, selling, or offering for sale any copies of the film, via WhatsApp or any other service.
Justice Sanjeev Narula also ordered to suspend, within 24 hours, two WhatsApp user accounts that were previously identified, after sending the evidence to Facebook that they shared the movie without authorization, and other accounts reported for the same reason.
How did the Court find the evidence? Probably the Court had physical access to the phone to verify that these users shared it, they had some screenshots or they were in the same group where the pirated material has been shared. In fact, chats and calls on WhatsApp for Android, iOS and Web are end-to-end encrypted, so it’s not possible to identify from WhatsApp servers who shared a certain media, seen that the content of messages is “invisible” to their eyes. This case is scheduled to resume again on June 1st, 2021.


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