How to install the new WhatsApp Beta on Windows

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Some hours ago, we published some information about the new build of WhatsApp beta, the Universal Windows Platform app: it’s the moment to explain how to install this build.


Common questions Answers
Article about? WhatsApp Beta (UWP)
Availability? The Universal Windows Platform app for WhatsApp is under development, so it will be officially released in the future.
I’ve tried to search for this app on the Microsoft Store, but I didn’t find it. Why? This app is under development now, so you cannot normally find it, but you can discover how to install it reading this article.
Requirements: It’s a Universal Windows Platform app, so it’s needed Windows 10 or newer versions.
Thanks: @ALumia_Italia for the news about the Universal Windows Platform app and Windows Blog Italia for the link.
Previous news? WhatsApp is developing two new apps for macOS and UWP

In the previous article, we introduced the news about a redesigned desktop app of WhatsApp on Windows and WhatsApp for macOS Catalyst. The new Windows app requires multi-device features, so it doesn’t need your phone to be connected to the Internet to work. The app is a beta version, but we have tested it and it’s incredibly stable because it is native and it uses less resources than WhatsApp Desktop, even if some features are still missing: it’s a very good replacement for the current WhatsApp Desktop app.

Probably you would like to test the new beta app too, and you can now. Another account on Twitter, @WindowsBlogIta has finally shared a direct link to download the app from the Microsoft Store, so the source is very safe.
After installing the app, you need to link your WhatsApp account from “Linked Devices” using a QR Code: chats will start to be in sync and you can finally use and test the new beta app.
Note that this is still a beta app, so some features (like archived chats, status updates, stickers) are missing: they will be added in the next updates.
In addition, as you can see, there is a new Feedback button, so you can imagine that WhatsApp is interested to get feedback from you: let’s use the app as usual and provide your feedback to improve it, and bug reports are also very appreciated!

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