How to get Dark Theme on WhatsApp Web!

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While everyone is looking for the upcoming Dark Theme on WhatsApp for iOS and Android, we are continuing to analyse every small detail that WhatsApp is bringing to both apps.
In the meantime, today we thought: “can we do something to get a Dark Theme for WhatsApp Web?” The answer is YES!
How is that possible? Follow our guide to learn more!


  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Be sure to have the latest version installed, because the extension might have compatibility issues with older versions of your browser.
    Using the latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox update also helps you to always be safe from vulnerabilities.
  • Stylus extension.

Would you like to have a Dark Theme on WhatsApp Web, but WhatsApp is too slow and you don’t even know if WhatsApp will ever implement it? Don’t worry, follow this guide to have an alternative Dark Theme solution!

  • If you didn’t do yet, install Google Chrome, one of the best browsers.
    If you prefer to use, for example, Mozilla Firefox, there is a solution for this browser too.
  • If you use Chrome, we need to open this website to install Stylus, a Google Chrome extension that allows to apply themes to specific websites.
    If you use Firefox, follow this link.
  • When the extension is correctly installed, we need to install the theme that Stylus must use on WhatsApp Web.
    The theme is available here and it is, in our opinion, one of the best themes available for WhatsApp Web.
    You can also choose to visit that website to find more themes.
  • Tap Install Style, open or reload WhatsApp Web if needed and you can finally see the Dark Theme!
    • Note: we do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage caused through the use of the Stylus extension.
      You are always responsable for any case about what you install on your computer.

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