Hall of Fame


Contribution is very important for WABetaInfo: it helps me to provide a better service for my followers. We are a big family and I’m really happy to be part of it.
In these years a lot of users joined this family, making WABetaInfo one of the most trusted source on the web.
It goes without saying that Twitter has an important role: I receive many reports every day from my followers, that help me to provide news (in addition to what I can offer). It is also thanks to your reports if WABetaInfo has reached these results.

As a token of my gratitude, here is listed a part of people that contribute to improve my services, reporting if they see something new in an update, if something is remotely enabled for them, and for anything else.
Probably there are many other followers that should be mentioned here, so this list will be updated again in future (yes, the sentence that you read more in my website).


  • Alex193a (the best collaborator, Android beta and Web contribution)
  • Anon Justice (Android beta contribution)
  • AnonymousWP (Android Web release and Desktop contribution)
  • Brian Valente (Website layout contribution)
  • WhatsApp (yes, because sometimes they spoil features without noticing)
  • Noah (Android beta contribution, Discord WBI Cop Bot)
  • luismcgarcia (Android beta and Web contribution)
  • MujtabaMHaq (Android beta contribution)
  • MosheF (Android beta contribution)
  • Amin (Android beta contribution)
  • Sniper (Android beta contribution)
  • Jonathan4Rene (Android beta contribution)
  • Marcelo (Android beta and iOS beta contribution)
  • Gabo (iOS beta contribution)
  • Gianluca (iOS beta contribution)
  • Eloy (iOS beta contribution)
  • SiLent (iOS beta contribution)
  • Sam (iOS beta contribution)
  • Sc (Shifoc) (Android beta contribution)
  • FastenM (Android beta contribution)
    • And, for my Twitter and Discord entire communities: thank you so much!

      If you want to be removed from this list, you are free to contact me on Discord or Twitter.