WhatsApp is in a final stage of testing for the multiple devices feature

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We talked about the new feature that allows to use the same account on multiple devices in detail over a month ago. Is there something new about it? This article clarifies the situation.


Common questions Answers
Name of the feature? Multiple devices
Status? Under development
Availability? In a future beta build
When? Unknown release date
I’ve the same version but I don’t see this news, why? It’s not available yet, but you can see here a preview of the feature, for a future build
Previous tracks? Android beta
News about iOS? iOS beta

As mentioned a lot of times, WhatsApp is developing the best feature ever: it will allow you to use the same WhatsApp account on 4 different devices at the same time.
What is the advantage? You won’t need an Internet connection on the main phone, so you can use WhatsApp Desktop when your phone is off, for example, or other devices.
WhatsApp is actually planning a new modern UI for the desktop client, showing how the chat history is migrated from your device and that the process is end-to-end encrypted:

But.. what is the current state of the situation?
Some features about the multiple devices option are still not ready, but the most important ones yes, for example the possibility to sync the chat history, muting your chats, starring/delivering messages etc…
The next plan of WhatsApp is to give to beta testers the possibility to use this feature!

In this screenshot, taken with the feature enabled in a future Android build, we can see the new Linked Devices (previously spotted in the beta) and an exclusive section reserved for beta testers, allowing to choose if you want to enroll your WhatsApp account to access the multi-device beta!

What does it mean? If you enable the toggle, all other linked devices will be able to work without a connection with your phone.
Seen that the feature is under developmnent, some features might not be available yet, so you can decide to unroll your WhatsApp Account at any time.



  • If you decide to enroll your WhatsApp account, any previous session will be immediately closed because the old mirroring technology was used and it’s not obviously compatible with the new one, and you will have to create new sessions. You should also report anything wrong to WhatsApp with a feedback.
  • If you decide to unroll your WhatsApp account, the current session will be immmediately terminated for the same reason previously explained.

When you turn on the toggle to enroll your WhatsApp account, and you create a new session, your devices will be in sync and any action taken from a device is automatically replicated on all your other devices.

This is the first time that WhatsApp gives a similar possibility within the app (excluding voice calls, but the process was really different). The screenshot was taked when the feature is enabled in a future Android build, but iOS should be included in the testing phase.
WhatsApp is actually in a final stage of testing and the next step will be to open the beta program within the app. Just be sure to use beta versions of WhatsApp for Android from Google Play Beta Program and the WhatsApp for iOS from TestFlight. The beta program for iOS is currently full, but we hope for a surprise.
We don’t know if there will be a limit to join the beta program for the multi-device beta, but we will immediately announce when WhatsApp is going to launch it, so you can enroll your WhatsApp account in time!


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