WhatsApp to support locked recordings

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The voice message recording is one of the most used WhatsApp feature of ever.
Since WhatsApp has implemented it in their application, this feature has never been changed or improved.. until today.
This is a very used feature, as mentioned before, but also big features can have issues in the usage.

In these years, all WhatsApp users have always asked to delete the necessity to hold the mic icon that’s very uncomfortable, mostly when the user wants to record a long voice message.
Finally this is going to happen in next months: WhatsApp is experimenting a way to record voice messages without the need to hold that annoying button.


Let’s finally introduce the feature: thanks to it, when you want to record a voice message, after 0.5 seconds, WhatsApp will show you a new UI for the microphone button.

You have to slide up your finger in order to enable the lock.

WhatsApp will update the UI, and you can notice now that you can also navigate in the chat, without holding the microphone button!

Check this video to understand better how the feature will work!

Actual limitations:
1. It’s not possible to view a photo/video while you are recording a “locked” voice message. You have to use the 3D Touch action to view it (iPhone 6S and newer)
2. You cannot type a new message while you are recording a “locked” voice message. You have to end it to type a message.
3. While you are recording a “locked” voice message, you cannot turn to another chat. In some situations it is possible but the voice message will be deleted.
There are other limitations, but they look like bugs that will be fixed before the activation of the feature.


WhatsApp is experimenting this feature, so it’s all ok if you have updated your WhatsApp version to the 2.17.80 update and you cannot send voice messages in locked mode.
The feature will be enabled in next updates, when there won’t be bugs.

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