WhatsApp is rolling out the video streaming feature for all iOS users!

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WhatsApp released 3 months ago the 2.17.10 version, bringing for all iOS users the video streaming feature, that allowed to immediately play videos without downloading them first.
Unfortunately, for some unknown reasons, this feature didn’t properly work, and it has been immediately disabled from the server.



Since today, WhatsApp is rolling out the video streaming for all iOS users for the WhatsApp version (2.17.31).
Seems that in recent updates, WhatsApp finally fixed all problems to stream videos, so you should be able to play them now.
Like the possibility to share any file in WhatsApp, you may receive the activation of the video streaming feature at any time, but note that it’s probably very slow at the moment. So, you can understand that you have to be very lucky to be one of the first users.
Let us know on Twitter if you already received this feature and have fun to play videos without waiting for them to download first.
Remember that videos will still be downloaded to your phone as the video is playing, reducing the waiting period.

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